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More Than Meets the Eye: What Do Vitamins Do and Why Do You Need Them?

When you eat nutritious foods, you're actively making positive changes to your health, which in turn can make you feel great. We may not notice straight away but there are many benefits to a continued healthy diet.  Many vitamins in healthy foods work behind the scenes to help keep your body up and running. 

It's Important to Work on Overall Health.

It can be difficult to see if you're doing enough to maintain your body's health. In addition to getting enough sleep and regularly exercising, it's important to ensure you're getting an appropriate intake of micronutrients. For example, does your diet contain a healthy balance of the following...

  • Folic Acid to help support blood formation 
  • Vitamin D to help maintain normal bones and muscle function 
  • Vitamin B12  and B7 which contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • Vitamins C and Zinc to help support the normal function of the immune system

A Multivitamin Can Help Fulfill Your Nutritional Needs.

No matter what your dietary choices may be, a daily multivitamin provides a variety of nutrients for your whole body that you might not be getting from food alone if you are not managing to eat healthily.

Find out more about how adding a multivitamin to your day can support your overall health at nutrients from a to z. Click here.