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High-quality micronutrients to help support your nutritional needs

Your body requires a certain amount of vitamins and minerals every day to function at its very best. Centrum Lutein formula has been developed by experts to provide a high quality supplement to help support your nutritional needs.

  • Centrum Lutein contains 24 key nutrients
  • Supports the general wellbeing of adults
  • Backed by over 35 years of nutritional expertise
  • Complete from A to Zinc

Micronutrients for a Busy Lifestyle

A busy social life, work or family commitments do not always make it easy to eat a healthy and balanced diet. Centrum Lutein multivitamin is designed to help you fulfill your nutritional needs and support your everyday health and wellbeing. 

Micronutrients are essential for the body, and like carbohydrates, fats and proteins, they are all part of the food you eat.  The nutrient formula for Centrum Lutein contains a balanced amount of all essential vitamins, plus important minerals and trace elements making it an ideal supplement to your own diet.

Centrum Lutein is available from all major supermarkets or pharmacies.

Recommended Use

For adults and children over 11 years, take 1 tablet per day with water.

Important Information

  • Centrum Lutein is sugar free
  • Centrum Lutein is gluten- and lactose-free
  • The recommended daily consumption must not be exceeded